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Orlando Roofing Companies: 6 Tips for Hiring the Right Company

Orlando Roofing Companies: 6 Tips for Hiring the Right Company


Are you looking for Orlando roofing companies? Then check out some of these essential tips for finding the best company for your needs.


You can expect your asphalt roof to last between 15 to 30 years. Architectural shingles can last between 25-30 years. A clay tile roof can last for over 50 years! 


Your roof’s lifespan depends on the type of roof and how well you maintain it. Keep in mind that even high-quality roofs might not last as long if not well maintained. One of the best ways to ensure you keep your roof in great condition is to hire a professional roofing company to service your roof.


There are many great Orlando roofing companies, so how will you know which is the right one for you? There are several key factors to consider when choosing roofing companies in Orlando. Continue reading our guide below to learn more!


1. Start With Research


To find the best Orlando roofing company, begin by conducting an internet search for roofing companies near you. Once you get the search results, learn as much as you can about each company. 


Visit each website while looking for professionalism. What can you learn about the company from their website? Read the “About” section to understand more about the company’s values and mission. 


Then, visit the “projects” page to find photos of work they’ve done in the past. This can give you a good idea of what to expect from them. It’s also important to find a physical address, which a reputable company will provide. 


Last, take your time reading through online customer reviews. What are past customers saying? Can the company provide you with a few references? 


If so, call each reference and ask them questions about the company and why they recommend that company to you. 


2. Ask For License and Insurance


Finding a roofing company with a proper license and insurance policy is essential. There are two parts to the Florida roofing contractor exam, and both parts must be passed to become licensed. The roofing company you choose should supply you with their license number. 


It’s also essential to choose a company that protects you and their own employees with proper insurance. If someone were to get injured while on your property, then you want there to be insurance to cover the injuries or damages that might occur. Ask the company to show you proof of both their license and insurance before hiring them. 


3. Read Through the Contract


If given a contract to sign, then be sure to take your time reading through the contract carefully. You want to understand everything that’s written in the contract before signing it. If possible, try to sit down with the contractor to review the contract with them. 


This way, if there are any questions, you’ll have them there with you to ask. Make sure the contractor is able to explain everything in the contract to you. The contract should also be clear and well-written. 


Within the contract, you should expect to find information regarding the following:


  • the project’s start and end date
  • materials used
  • payment amounts and due dates


Never sign a contract without reading through it and understanding every detail first.


4. Acquire Warranties in Writing


Does the roofing company offer a warranty or satisfaction guarantee? If so, it’s important to get these warranties and guarantees in writing. Then, speak with the contractor about specifics regarding any warranties or guarantees. 


What’s covered under them? Are there manufacturer warranties on the materials used? Does the contractor offer a guarantee on the services and workmanship provided? 


How long are the warranties and guarantees good for? When do you need to use them if they’re needed? Write down some notes so you remember these specifications and dates after the project’s finished. 


5. Review a Written Estimate


It’s always important to ask for a written estimate before finalizing your decision and signing a contract. How much should you expect to pay for the project and what are your payment options? You also want to keep in mind that choosing the roofing company with the lowest offer isn’t always the right decision. 


Make sure they check off all of these factors listed in this guide before comparing prices. You can then choose a reputable, trustworthy contractor with fair prices. 


6. Determine Communication Style


The last thing you want to do is hire a roofing company that’s not willing to communicate with you and answer all of your questions. Communication is key when hiring any type of contractor. The company should openly communicate with you from before starting the project and throughout the entire process, giving you updates when needed.


Pay close attention to how long it takes for the company to get in contact with you after trying to reach out to them or ask them a specific question. The roofing contractor you choose should make you feel confident in their services and comfortable hiring them.


Don’t forget to ask about the services offered as well. Not all roofing companies offer the same roofing services. For example, does the company offer roof repair and replacement? 


Can they also install gutters and repair or replace siding? Know what you need and find a roofing company that can meet your expectations.


Finding the Right Orlando Roofing Companies Starts Right Here


In order to find the right Orlando roofing companies for your roofing needs, be sure to take your time looking at all of these key factors. The best roofing company will have a professional website and physical address, license and insurance, a well-written contract, and great communication.


At Unrivaled Roofing, we’re committed to providing an excellent experience for all our customers with guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can help you.