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How To Tell If Your Roof Has A Leak

A classic cartoon trope is to show a frantic character desperately trying to stop indoor leaks with umbrellas or catching dripping water in pails and pots before it soaks in and ruins the carpet. Once water has started actually dripping through the ceiling, however, considerable repairs will be necessary. Fortunately, there are a few ways to figure out if your roof has a leak before the water causes thousands of dollars of damage to the ceiling and carpet.


Damaged Shingles

There are a few ways that shingles might start to look noticeably damaged. If you glance at your roof, you should see the shingles flat and uniform in color. If there is any buckling or curling, there’s good chance water can get in underneath. Additionally, discoloration might indicate mold or mildew, or it could reveal missing shingles or loss of granules. These clues show that water might be getting in or around your shingles and they need to be replaced before water damage gets much deeper.


Overly Hot Attic Spaces

Roofs need adequate ventilation so they can flex with changing temperatures and keep from overtaxing your air conditioner. If the attic of a building does not allow for sufficient ventilation, hot or sometimes cold air will be trapped just under the roof. This applies undue pressure and temperature change to the roof and causes the shingles to break or deteriorate more quickly than usual. Humidity in the attic also mimics a leaking roof as moisture condenses.


Water Stains

Simply enough, ceilings near the roofline may acquire brownish spots that indicate pooled water. Water travels along rafters and occasionally congregates along chimneys or vents. Occasionally checking for spots and drips will help you know if water is getting in where it doesn’t belong.


Keeping Your Roof Functional

If your roof is displaying any signs of a leak, don’t wait for more serious damages. Call Unrivaled Roofing at 1-888-361-7311 or send an email to info@unrivaledroofing.com today!  From simple repairs to efficient replacements, Unrivaled Roofing gets your roof to its best condition.